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    FEUZ - Training for companies and institutions

    We are able to provide your company with a comprehensive training and development package in all functional areas of the organization. We offer training tailored to your needs, allowing you to enhance the skills of your workers and achieve those levels of innovation and competitiveness that are essential to competing successfully in today’s global economic environment.

    Our programme offering, in both in-person and online formats, deals with the latest skills and best practices using a pragmatic approach directly transferable to the job. Our qualified professionals with extensive experience ensure a high level of learning for students and professionals, adapted to the bespoke needs of companies and institutions.

    The quality of our tailored training programmes, together with personalized professional assessment, ensure a truly unique, profitable and rewarding learning experience for those who undergo a course.

    Moreover, with our assistance, businesses may cover specific needs identified in the organization, increase the professional skills of their workers, improve the productivity of the organization and, ultimately and most importantly, achieve their business goals.

    Overview of programme implementation

    1. Needs analysis with those responsible for the company’s objectives and training needs.
    2. Design of a bespoke training intervention proposal, which may be in-person, online, or a mix of both, with the support of the new e-learning platforms available
    3. Management, coordination and delivery of the training project
    4. Evaluation and monitoring of the results
    5. Updating and fine adjustment of training delivery and content

    Training modalities



    Scheduled so the timing and pacing are appropriate to the realities of ongoing business activity, conducted on-site or in our learning facilities.


    Distance learning

    Especially suitable for training programmes in circumstances where the geographic dispersion of participants, and/or the difficulty of adhering to predetermined schedules and timetables precludes classroom training.



    In certain training situations, distance learning can be combined with classroom sessions to complement the training received by facilitating contact and exchange of experiences among the company staff.

    Leverage the benefits that tailored training programmes provide:

    • Course design tailored to specific learning needs
    • Modules adapted to student profiles
    • Flexibility in schedules, dates and venues
    • Freedom to choose person-to-person, online, or blended formats as required
    • Immediate generation of added value and transfer of learning to the workplace
    • Cost savings compared to uncoordinated individual training sessions
    • Team motivation, stemming from the content of what is learned, while encouraging group cohesion
    • Pragmatic content and design, yielding applied knowledge specific to each situation


    INFORMATION: To request more information, please contact us or fill in the form provided, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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