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    Employability and Workplace Integration

    FEUZ - Employability and Workplace Integration

    The access of university graduates to gainful employment has been a key concern and one of the main areas of focus for FEUZ since its inception. In the area of employment, we have consistently fostered the acquisition of core competencies and key skills to enhance the employability of graduates.
    Our ongoing effort to move talent from the classroom and into the social and economic infrastructure of our region has enabled more than 8,000 students and graduates to enjoy an initial work experience in real operating companies, while the business and institutional sectors have provided an avenue for cooperating and capitalizing on these learned skills, which in many cases has borne fruit in contract work.

    We want to take the next step through our commitment to offer our services to university graduates, and private and public companies and institutions in search of new ways to best add value.

    College Graduates

    We at FEUZ can help you gain access to employment by the following means:

    1. Training targeted at enhancing employability
    2. National and international internships
    3. Our employment exchange
    4. Support for early practical exposure to real work environs

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    Businesses and institutions

    We can assist you in the selection and identification of those graduates best able to bringing the right talent to your organization. Our value proposition focuses on:

    1. Supervision of the training practices for students and graduates in your organization
    2. Support in the selection process of university graduate candidates for employment

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