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    FEUZ - Courses, Seminars and Degree Programs offered by the University of Zaragoza

    Zaragoza University organizes its courses in a modular fashion, taking into account course duration, study objectives, and the student’s prior course background. An individually crafted degree may be made up of aggregating sets of modules of various study formats, as included in the norms and regulations governing lifelong learning at the University of Zaragoza.

    We at FEUZ manage a part of these learning resources on offer, which can be found in the corresponding sections of the following classification:

    • University degree a pre-requisite:
      • Bespoke Master’s degree
      • Specialty diploma
      • University expert
    • University degree not required:
      • Diploma of continuing studies
      • Certificate of continuing studies

    Students are awarded a Certificate of Completion. Any pre-requisites are established on a course-by-course basis.

    The general characteristics of these programmes are as follows:

    Bespoke Master. (Length of studies not less than one academic year. A final paper is required.) 60 CTS
    Specialty Diploma 30 CTS 59 CTS
    University Expert 10 CTS 20 CTS
    Diploma of Continuing Studies 30 CTS
    Certificate of Continuing Studies 10 CTS 29 CTS
    Courses 1 CTS <10 CTS
    Seminars 1 CTS

    List of Degree Programs, Courses and Seminars of University of Zaragoza

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    GENERAL INFORMATION: For more details about study pre-requisites or the conditions governing registration and cancellation of registration, download the following document

    For more information on learning opportunities at the University of Zaragoza:

    For more information on learning opportunities through the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza:

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