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    We act as nexus between the University and outside enterprises and institutions

    FEUZ - What we offer

    In our enthusiastic pursuit of excellence, we strive to foster human talent and act as a communication interface between the University and outside enterprises and institutions, while developing new projects and promoting and boosting the channels that permit greater transfer of the knowledge and values that lead to success, thus contributing to economic and social progress.

    We bring professionalism and experience to the mix, allowing us to confidently carry out the activities we organize and with which we are tasked:

    Our efforts are focused on fostering:

    Skills Improvement

    We offer both a complement to the technical and vocationally specific skills already acquired in academic studies, as well as to generic skills such as: adaptation to the working environment, ability to relate to others, assertiveness, and teamwork, among others. Generic skills are conducive to life-long learning and enhance overall competency, personal growth and, thus, employability.

    Access to employment

    Employability is one of the key factors in the professional development of a person. The labour market is a competitive environment in which standing out from the rest is critical when it comes to making oneself eligible for landing a position. Besides training in specific and generic skills, experience is essential.

    Through our programs in Business Internships

    1. Graduates get a first contact and access to the working world that allows them to confirm their interest in and expectations for a given business sector, apart from enhancing their curriculum and general life experiences.
    2. Via the placement of a trainee, enterprises assist in the formation of human capital in our region, enabling them also to quickly identify well-trained and motivated potential employees who are already familiar with their company. That is, suitable candidates, ready to join the ranks of the organization.

    Knowledge dissemination

    Our contact with the business world and academia allows us to be catalysts for knowledge sharing and the identification of needs existing in both parties.

    We aim to create a space for sharing, gathering and disseminating information that accommodates public questions and allows for discussion forums that serve to transmit knowledge to society in general.

    The international dimension

    The international dimension is intrinsic to our vision and mission as a company./span>

    In 1990, the Commission of the European Union authorized FEUZ to create a University-Industry Training Partnership for Aragon-Rioja (UITP Aragon-Rioja), corresponding to one of the sections under the European Community Action Programme in Education and Training for Technology (COMETT).

    Since then we have participated in numerous international projects, taking advantage of available synergies, and promoting the added value that international cooperation provides both individuals and institutions.

    Organisational Needs Identification

    Our experience educating people, working with companies, and disseminating knowledge places us in a unique strategic position to identify, manage and propose solutions for the differing needs that arise in public and private organisations.

    We are pleased to offer all of our resources and expertise, as well as our wide range of partners, to assist you in increasing the competitiveness of your company.

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