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    FEUZ - International Internships

    We give you the opportunity to do an internship in organizations in other European countries, during which time you will improve your professional qualifications and the resulting opportunities for access to employment, making it a professional and personal experience of the first order that should not be missed.

    At FEUZ we have extensive experience in managing international internships. Starting in 1990 we have managed the internship programme for students and university graduates under the different labour mobility programs of the European Union.

    An international internship will help you make a clear improvement in employability due to the visible impact on your CV, highlighting your experience in alternate forms of organizing work, your ability to integrate into other cultures, and a greater command of foreign languages.

    Internships are carried out under the framework of specific programs that provide support and funding. Below you will find a listing of the various types of internship programmes to which we provide access:

    Integrated Qualification and Employment Programme (PICE)

    Comprises a set of initiatives for guiding, training and establishing closer contact with potential employers, with the aim of improving the employability of young people between the ages of 16 and 24, and who are unemployed or inactive, and registered in the National Initiative for Youth Development.

    Other International Internships

    FEUZ has partnership agreements with other networks that increase your opportunities to undertake an international internship.

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