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    English Studies Today: Research in Times of Change. V Seminar in English Studies (SEING 2024)

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      This seminar is intended for doctoral students in English studies who wish to present their current research. Like previous editions corroborate, this event allows students to get in contact with peers who share similar concerns and face similar challenges throughout their research years. As research in English Studies has to adapt to our ever-changing world, this seminar is conceived as an opportunity for young researchers to share and compare their initiatives and their experiences as PhD students with other colleagues. During this seminar, PhD students will be accompanied by early-career researchers and postgraduates, as well as senior lecturers and experts in English Studies research.


      Applied linguistics
      EFL pedagogy
      Academic and professional discourses
      Genre theory and rhetoric
      Pragmatics and discourse analysis

      Audiovisual translation
      Specialised translation
      Literary translation
      Language, style, and cultural change

      Contemporary and modern literatures in English
      Recent trends in critical theory Literary theory
      Postcolonial and decolonial studies

      Culture and film theories
      Globalisation in the cinema
      Transnational cinema and cosmopolitanism
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