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    Entrepreneurial activity is perceived as an engine of social and economic development worldwide, as it leads to the introduction of new ideas and to the job creation. In recent years, the European Union, aware of suffering from an entrepreneurial gap compared with the United States, has reached a consensus that the promotion of entrepreneurship is vital to creating jobs and improving overall competitiveness and economic growth.

    There are many initiatives that have been implemented at the national level and in each of the regions. We at FEUZ wish to make our own contribution by supporting teachers with interest in introducing a spirit of entrepreneurship into the classroom. In consequence, we have launched the following initiatives:


    Summer School for University Teachers Acting as Motivators for Entrepreneurship

    The Summer School for University Teachers Acting as Motivators for Entrepreneurship is directed at the needs of all university teachers of any subject area who are eager to promote entrepreneurship among college students, particularly those not related to the area of business administration.

    The programme is of interest to those who wish to:

    • Explore new and innovative approaches applicable to higher education
    • Learn more about actual entrepreneurial experiences
    • Interact with other teachers and professors interested in promoting entrepreneurship at the university level
    • Introduce the spirit of entrepreneurship into classroom lectures


    EXPERTIA Entrepreneur.

    Through FEUZ you may request the participation of an entrepreneur, active in the development of their business, in your classroom in order to present their experience to the students, encouraging through their insights the potential birth of new business concerns and new business initiatives.

    Information about the Expertia program

    For more information, please contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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